Good Opportunity for Buyers, Price Rise Incoming!

Ethereum has been one of the biggest and the most stable names in the world of cryptocurrency. Ethereum, along with its Dapps and Smart Contracts and Ethereum based ICOs and DAICOs has been impressing the markets with every passing day. However, the prices continue to suffer due to hostile markets. Market experts expect that it is a good time to be an Ethereum investor as prices are now expected to rise. Let us take a closer look –

(ETH) Ethereum Price Over The Past 24 Hours

In the past 24 hours, ETH has fallen by about 5.5%. The currency began the day at a price of $725 and peaked at $739. The lowest point of the day came at $668, but ETH has since bounced back to close the day at $688. Ethereum’s market cap at the beginning of the day was $71 Billion and it dropped down to $67.5 Billion at the end of the day.

(ETH) Ethereum Price Over The Past 7 Days

Over the past 7 days, Ethereum’s price has fallen from $846 to $688. However, for the first half of the week, ETH was very stable. The second half witnessed a period of volatility where the prices fluctuated – but that affected the entire cryptocurrency market. Ethereum’s market cap over the week fell from $83.2 Billion to $67.5 Billion.

(ETH) Ethereum Price Expectations

ETH Ethereum price update 11 March 2018
Expected movement of Ethereum price | Image; Tradingview

However, looking at the graph, it looks like Ethereum is currently at a safe support zone from where it is only expected to rise. This is a great opportunity for buyers and new investors looking forward to investing into Ethereum. However, as always, a stop-loss is advised below the $600 mark. For now though, it looks like green candlesticks will soon appear on the ETH price graphs!

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