Contentos Vietnamese Blockchain Community Launches NFT Collection to Support Contentos Foundation

Contentos, a Vietnamese community of over 1,000 local blockchain enthusiasts and content creators, recently announced the launch and distribution of a community-based NFT PFP collection, “GoldStar MetaClub”, supported by the Contentos Foundation. “GoldStar MetaClub” is an NFT collection that reflects the value of the Vietnamese community and has received official support from the Contentos Foundation. It is one of the first NFT projects supported in the COS.SPACE metaverse.

The Vietnamese Contentos community has long supported the activities of block producing nodes on the Contentos mainnet, investing more than 200 million COS tokens and promoting the Contentos decentralized content ecosystem. In addition, the Contentos Vietnam community has been very active in COS.TV, a Web 3.0 video distribution and digital management platform built on the Contentos network. It has established guilds of COS.TV creators who produce educational videos and host online and offline meetups. In April of this year, more than 200 people attended the Offline Contentos meeting in Ho Chi Minh City to show their support. Members of COS.TV guilds are blockchain enthusiasts and vloggers who actively support each other, follow each other, send each other prizes, support each other’s activities and even organize a kind of “video date” in Vietnam.

Vietnam Community Manager Hai Trung said, “COS.TV is a video platform built on Web 3.0 concepts. COS.TV has many features designed to encourage interaction between content creators and audiences, allowing creators to feel connected to their audiences. We like viewers. encourage us besides to monetize COS.TV, which is unlike what we experienced on traditional video platforms, where success requires a celebrity with many views.

According to Hai Trung, a strong sense of community led to the creation of the “GoldStar MetaClub” NFT collection. This this is a collection of the community and for the community Years of community building and friendship formed the basis for this collection of NFTs. Many new NFT projects often lack real community support, making their long-term development difficult, and price fluctuations often cause communities to abandon projects. When creators issue NFTs, they must invest in marketing efforts to attract users to hold them. They also need to manage the community and create use cases for NFTs. Contentos hopes to support the long-term sustainability of community-based NFT projects like GoldStar MetaClub by creating community creator spaces like COS.TV and providing a real-world metaverse for NFTs like COS.SPACE.

Contentos Foundation CEO Mick Tsai is very happy to see a strong community in the Contentos ecosystem, saying, “NFT PFPs supported by Contentos, such as ‘GoldStar MetaClub’, are all ERC-721 compliant and can be displayed by owners. COS. TV, their personal Instagram digital library and other platforms that support the ERC-721 standard, greatly increasing the influence of COS.TV creators and creating an opportunity for a wider audience to understand and connect with our Contentos ecosystem. and supporting community -generated content.”

A total of 500 GoldStar MetaClub NFT-PFP will be issued, and the NFTs will cover various topics such as lifestyle, sports, singing and other unique elements. Community Director Hai Trung said the NFTs reflect the diverse characteristics of COS.TV creators. The first NFTs are limited to long-term community participants, and more NFTs will be made available to the public in the near future.

About Contentos Foundation

The vision of Contentos is to create a decentralized digital content community that enables the free production, distribution, reward and marketing of content while protecting copyright. Contentos aims to encourage content creation and global diversity and restore content rights and value to users. COS.TV is a decentralized video platform built on the Contentos core network, which now serves more than 1 million global users worldwide every month. Creators not only earn block rewards for their videos, but also receive direct support from fans by watching ads or sending donation votes. These revenue models generate profits for content creators and the COS.TV platform, just as YouTube ads currently do.

In 2022, Contentos published a roadmap to create a metaversion around content creation and consumption. Starting with the “virtual real estate” of COS.SPACE, the Contentos metaverse is where COS.TV users can create their own virtual home experience.