What does a user of an investment application need, and what bugs in it cause irritation? First, before you start developing trading software, you need to understand the basics of investing and trading. Before you ask developers to develop stock trading programs, it is important to understand how modern brokers work and how trading works.

Before you start the business of application development, you must fully prepare to create a user interface. To do this, study the top 10 brokers: register with them and try to trade. This will help you understand what users expect from the tool. We highlight some key control points that differentiate an investment app from others.

Retail and professional traders are interested in mobile trading

Why should you invest your money in developing business software? At one time, the introduction of digitization radically changed the concept of business. But today, technology is advancing rapidly, so the rules of the game are changing again. More and more users want to use their smartphone as a business tool.

Such projects appeared quite some time ago. But since the number of available functions was very limited in the past, the demand for such programs was not high. But today, thanks to the development of technology and the introduction of new solutions, more and more traders prefer to trade with their smartphones.

Mobile commerce statistics

In the first quarter of 2022, 60% of transactions were made using mobile devices. The remaining 0 percent were desktop applications. Although this statistic does not represent the entire industry, it clearly shows a trend.

The frequency of business transactions with desktop applications is constantly decreasing. Statistics show that many customers use the desktop version to easily map and test historical data, and the mobile version to manage locations on the go.

In the near future, we will see many changes and innovations that will change the way we approach business. So today is your chance to invest in business software development.

Features of Investing Apps

The most important thing that every trader needs is that the app is user-friendly, fast and error-free. If the price can change several times a second, any freezes or long loading times are a total failure: users will lose money and time and then simply switch to another broker who has no such problems.

The standard architecture is convenient for developers: it is clear in advance how to write code repository application development, how the application behaves in different business scenarios and how to simplify self-testing. Every element of the architecture is documented so that the client team supporting the application can easily work with it.

The application should work on both phone and tablet

Future users include both experienced and beginning traders. Therefore, the program had to work both on phone and tablet. Beginners just know the broker and do not need the most complicated options.

The program allows them to buy and sell, see portfolio statistics and monitor changes in an open position and close it immediately if necessary. All this can be done from your smartphone. A smartphone needs only basic functions: portfolio value, offers, fulfilled functions.

When developing a trading application, note that the advanced trader does not have enough of these features. He prefers to use a tablet because it has a bigger screen. He needs a full-fledged trading terminal where he can analyze the depth of the market or send complex trading orders. He needs additional tools for analysis: charts, candlesticks and indicators.

An advanced trader also uses the application on the phone, but only for quick monitoring of open positions. Today, almost all broker mobile apps work this way. But not everyone manages to fully optimize it. For example, the search for famous brokers received comments from users who say that it is not convenient to work with it on a tablet, and it is not possible to work with charts.

The application must be convenient

This is an obvious point, but in many business applications users complain that it is difficult to understand. During the development of a trading application, you need to define the main elements that users want to see in the application – chart, stock market, applications and quotes. It is better to put them on the main screen.

Trading App Development: What’s the difference between lots of screen time when designing investment apps?

The applications of today’s largest brokers are designed with a black theme.

Some projects support two modes at the same time – they can switch from a dark night theme to a bright day theme.

So please choose a dark theme.

Make other elements stand out and contrast. Buttons – yellow-orange, because this color stands out against a dark background. For fonts, white is good, but with a certain intensity.

Summary: What’s important in a mobile investment app

The app must work on both a tablet and a smartphone. This way you can consider the needs of both a beginner and an advanced trader.
It is important to provide a user experience with the application.
The design of the applications is mostly done with a dark theme. It is more convenient than light because traders look at many screens and often work at night.
Stable operation of the application and fast updating of data are very important.

Innovative technology helps eliminate some of the disadvantages of mobile commerce. Traders can now manage their algorithmic strategies from their phone. Cloud commerce and multi-platform solutions are winning in this ever-changing environment. If you want to invest your money in the development of commercial applications.